Organic Aquaponic Seeds

Use for the WaterGarden as re-fill seeds, or start new planting in other systems


Now anyone can grow his or her own fresh herbs, sprouts and mini-greens!

These HOME ROWN PONIC™ seeds are just the right organic seeds for the WaterGarden or other tabletop aquaponic or hydroponic growing systems.

 When choosing your refill seeds go ahead and mix-n-match... choose exactly the seeds you want!

 It is very easy to grow your own counter-top herbs or micro-greens garden.

Each seed variety packet has complete "HOW TO PLANT” instructions, including tips on how to pre-soak or prepare each kind of seed for best results.  You will also have information about how long it takes each seed variety to germinate and sprout, how long until it is harvest time and other planting tips.

Each seed packet includes some information about harvesting and storing the plants produced. The sprouts and micro-greens produced using these seeds may be used fresh as garnishes for salads and soups, or as tasty add-ins to sandwiches. Some might even be dried and used in a powdered form. Go ahead and try several ways to harvest and prepare your own mini-crops to see which you like best!



Organic Seeds grown, harvested and packaged in the USA


Available as follows:


Alfalfa - 8.5g (.30oz) #96101

Arugula - 8.5g (.30oz) #96102

Cilantro - 5.5g (.20oz) #96103

Pea - 15g (.53oz) #96104

Radish - 10g (.35oz) #96105

Soybean - 15g (.53oz) #96106

Wheat Grass - 15g (.53oz) #96107

Basil - 8.5g (.30oz) #96108