Natural Grow Stones





Natural Porous Rock


For use in soil-free table-top

aquarium growing beds


• High Quality

• Non-toxic

• Safe to use

• Naturally highly porous


• Grow Stones form the soil-free base your seeds will grow in.

• Grow Stones give beneficial bacteria a place to live.


A good quality grow pot filler rock is needed in the aquarium grow-bed area to give plants the right opportunity to grow healthy roots.  Home Grown Ponics Grow Stones  have the correct texture to allow roots to  "cling” securely and naturally. The micro porosity also assists in basic mechanical and biological filtration.  For best results, be sure that the layer of  Grow Stones  is at least 1/2” thick - filling the lower half of the slotted grow pot.


Home Grown Ponics premium Grow Stones are uncoated – color may darken or change once the stones are wet and the growing cycle has begun.


Grow Stones are specifically intended for use in freshwater hydroponic and aquaponic aquariums. The stones are non-toxic and inert, and will not affect water chemistry in any way. This natural porous rock provides the required surface area (open texture) and spaces between individual stones for beneficial bacteria to colonize.


HOW TO PREPARE YOUR HOME GROWN PONICS GROW STONES: Place the stones in a clean strainer or colander. Hold the stones under running warm water for several minutes rinsing thoroughly. This will rinse away any surface dust or debris.  For best results, shift and move the stones to help lift and loosen any particles as stones are rinsed.


Ideal for desktop "nano” sized mini-aquariums and counter-top aquaponic tanks.


Item No. 96225 – Grow Stones – 4,5 ounces (127.5 grams)