Refill Mini Kit

Contains 1/4 oz. pouches, 1 oz. bottles and 3 grams of fish food

This refill Mini Kit duplicates the same high-quality Home Grown Ponics products that come with the Back To The Roots "WaterGarden" three gallon counter-top size aquaponics tank.

The Refill Mini Kit includes:
1 ounce bottle of ZYM-BAC™
1 ounce bottle of Instant D-KLOR™
1 ounce pouch of TIDY TANK™
1/4 ounce pouches of FISH PREP™
3-gram package of premium high quality FISH FOOD. 

FISH PREP™ - provides a 15 minute cleansing bath to clean fish of any incoming pathogens or early stages of disease

D-KLOR™- a natural dechlorinator - use this prior to adding Zym-Bac into your aquarium water

ZYM-BAC™- premium quality live beneficial bacteria to help initiate and maintain your tank's nitrogen cycle

TIDY TANK™- beneficial  bacteria settles down into the bottom gravel to remove harmful sludge build-up

FISH FOOD - perfect size and type for the smaller fish such as Bettas that inhabit micro tanks and desk top aquariums.