Natural Ich Treatment



Herbal Formula

For Fresh, Brackish and Saltwater

REEF SAFE treatment for disease caused by ich (white spot disease) , protozoans and dinoflagellates

  • 100% Organic Herbals based on Naphthoquinones
  • Suitable for Holding Tanks, Aquarium and Pond Conditions
  • Helps Prevent and Treat Single-Celled External Fish Diseases
  • Equally Effective in Fresh and Saltwater
  • Safe for use with Aquatic Invertebrates
  • Made in U.S.A.

Kordon ICH-ATTACK® is an easy to use treatment composed of 100% multiple organic ingredients for all types of external and epidermal single-celled infections. It's broad spectrum of activity and lack of toxicity makes ICH-ATTACK effective without requiring a specific diagnosis.

ICH-ATTACK stops infectious and external parasitic invasions from getting started and in turn prevents many secondary infections. In short, ICH-ATTACK suppresses and eliminates a wide spectrum of infections.
The therapeutic action of ICH-ATTACK on protozoan and other infections is due to its binding with cytoplasmic structures within the cell of the infecting organisms.
ICH-ATTACK does not require water-changes before each treatment.  It is good fish-keeping practice and recommended that a water change of at least 20% be done at the end of treatment. 
Use only for intended  purposes in ornamental ponds, aquariums; or aquaponic / hydroponic farms, ponds or tank environments.  Not for direct human ingestion or medical use.
Fish treated with ICH-ATTACK are safe for processing and human consumption following containment in a clear water habitat for 48 hours after final treatment.