Natural Curative Fish Bath Treatment for Fresh and Saltwater



Allows treatment of a single fish rather than the entire holding tank, pond, habitat or aquarium

FISH THERAPY™ Natural 15-minute Curative Disease Treatment

Effective therapeutic bath containing natural soothing and curative oils

  • Treats a single fish out of the aquarium - not the entire population
  • Cost effective: treat only a small amount of water
  • Effective against external protozoans, fungus and bacterial infections
  • Effectively treats fish damaged by aggression, handling or overcrowding • Treats fin rot, tail rot, fungus and bacterial infections
  • Helps to counteract the damage done by poor water chemistry
  • Will not harm biological filters (remove carbon from filters.)
  • Safe when used as directed for all freshwater and saltwater fish

FISH THERAPY™ contains a natural stress reducing oil - keeps fish calm and stress free during treatment.

FISH THERAPY is a proprietory blend of natural therapeutic oils including a calming oil and aloe vera.

DIRECTIONS: SHAKE BOTTLE BEFORE USING. Do NOT add to your established habitat, pond, tank or aquarium. Place 1-gallon of water removed from your aquarium into a separate container. Add 1 teaspoonful (approx. 5 mL) of FISH THERAPY to the treatment container. Temporary bath: place fish in the treated water for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes it is safe to return the fish to your aquarium. Treatment may be repeated in 24 hours if necessary. If using a "hospital tank” with simple filtration - remove carbon. Be sure to maintain treated water at an appropriate temperature for the fish. Discard used contents of treatment container.

FISH THERAPY is formulated to be used as a temporary 15-minute treatment - and is not intended to be used as an additive to established, populated aquariums, ponds or aquaponic / hydroponic habitats.

FISH THERAPY is not a medication and is not intended to be a substitute for or used in combination with medications or treatments.

Intended for use with fish only - do not use with invertebrates (mussels, clams, oysters or shrimp), coral or coral frags (frag-farms), or with live rock. Use only for intended purposes such as treating individual fish housed in separate tanks prior to adding-to or returning-to aquaponic or hydroponics farm pond environments.

Fish treated with FISH THERAPY™ are safe for processing and human consumption following containment in a clear-water habitat for 48 hours after final treatment.