Natural Preventative Fish Bath Treatment for Fresh and Saltwater




Cleans and prepares new fish prior to adding into aquariums, ponds or aquaponic/hydroponic tanks

Prevents transfer of disease

FISH-PREP™ Natural Disease Transfer Preventative

  • Contains natural soothing oils that clean the fish - helps prevent disease transfer
  • Halts contamination by "cleaning” new incoming fish of disease organisms
  • Reduces external fungus or protozoan infestations
  • Helps prevent fin rot, tail rot and common bacterial infections
  • Protects delicate slime coats and repairs damaged areas
  • Safe when used as directed for both fresh and saltwater fish
FISH-PREP™ is an effective cleansing bath containing natural soothing and curative oils plus a natural stress reducing oil that keeps fish calm and stress free during treatment.


Method #1 - Place 1-gallon of water removed from the target habitat, pond, tank or aquarium in a separate container. Add 2 teaspoonfusl (approx. 10 mL) of FISH-PREP. Place closed bag containing new fish in the treatment tank. Float the new fish in the transfer bag to equalize temperature. Release the new fish into the treated water. Allow fish to soak in the prepared bath for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes it is safe to add the new fish to your aquarium. Discard used contents of treatment tank. If using a mini-aquarium as treatment tank, remove carbon from filter. 

Method #2 - for new incoming fish, FISH-PREP may be added directly into the clear plastic transport bag.  Simply open the bag and treat with FISH- PREP, re-close the bag and wait for 15 minutes before netting and moving fish.  Discard the used contents of the transport bag. Use the following dose amounts: 6 drops FISH-PREP for a small plastic bag with a bottom edge measuring 3" to 4", 12 drops FISH PREP for a medium plastic bag with a bottom edge measuring 6", 24 drops FISH-PREP for a large plastic bag with a bottom edge measuring 8" to 10"

FISH-PREP is to be used as a temporary 15-minute bath only - and is not formulated nor intended to be used as an additive to established, populated aquariums, tanks, habitats or aquaponic systems.

FISH-PREP is a proprietary blend of therapeutic and calming oils with aloe vera.

FISH-PREP is not a medication and is not intended to be a substitute for any medication or in combination with any other treatments.

For ornamental pond, aquarium and aquaponic / hydroponic system fish use only. Do not use with invertebrates (mussels, clams, oysters, shrimp), coral or coral frags (frag farms), or with live rockUse only for intended purposes such as treating individual fish housed in individual tanks prior to adding-into or returning-to aquaponic or hydroponic farm pond related environments.  

Fish treated with FISH-PREP are safe for processing and human consumption following containment in a clear-water habitat for 48 hours after final treatment.