Fish Food

0.5 mm micro-pellet all-purpose fish food



Home Grown Ponics™ Fish Food is a high quality extruded pellet that contains all natural ingredients that are highly digestible and contains 100% natural color enhancers. Home Grown Ponics Fish Food is suitable for a variety of ornamental fish. 

The micro pellet is designed for small community fish such as tetras, barbs and characins. It is manufactured of the highest quality ingredients that are eaten by fishes in the wild and supplemented with the vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy fish. 

The Home Grown Ponics Fish Food formula is perfectly balanced for small community fish and will not cloud the water.  Home Grown Ponics Fish Food does not contain fillers, dyes or hormones.  It is a balanced diet with 40% protein and is completely digestible for less waste.

Home Grown Ponics Fish Food is a state of the art fish food produced in a new veterinary certified facility to insure the highest quality possible.