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Home Grown PonicsAssisting Nature with Natural Products

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Fish Food0.5 mm micro-pellet all-purpose fish food

Home Grown Ponics™ Fish Food is a high quality extruded pellet that contains all natural ingredients that are highly digestible and contains 100% natural color enhancers.

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Image of Fish Food 0.5 mm micro-pellet all-purpose fish food

Fish PrepNatural Preventative Fish Bath Treatment

Cleans and prepares new fish prior to adding into aquariums, ponds or aquaponic/hydroponic tanks

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Image of Fish Prep Natural Preventative Fish Bath Treatment

Fish TherapyNatural Curative Fish Bath Treatment for Fresh and Saltwater

Effective therapeutic bath containing natural soothing and curative oils

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Image of Fish Therapy Natural Curative Fish Bath Treatment for Fresh and Saltwater

Freshwater Tidy TankNatural Sludge Eradicator

Improves water quality Reduces odors Helps clean gravel substrates & tanks

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Image of Freshwater Tidy Tank Natural Sludge Eradicator

FRESHWATER ZYM-BAC™Natural Beneficial Nitrifying Bacteria

Acts quickly and helps prevent "New Tank Syndrome”

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Image of FRESHWATER ZYM-BAC™ Natural Beneficial Nitrifying Bacteria

ICH ATTACK®Natural Ich Treatment

REEF SAFE treatment for disease caused by ich (white spot disease), protozoans and dinoflagellates

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Image of  ICH ATTACK® Natural Ich Treatment

Instant D-KlorNatural Dechlorinator

Revolutionary, Chemical-Free Natural Water Conditioner

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Image of Instant D-Klor Natural Dechlorinator

Refill Bundle

Includes 4 oz. bottles: Fish Prep, D-Klor, Zym-Bac, and Tidy Tank with 20 grams of fish food.

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Refill Mini Kit

Contains 1/4 oz. pouches, 1 oz. bottles and 3 grams of fish food.

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RID FUNGUS™Natural Herbal Formula

Treatment to control external disease caused by fungus

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Image of RID FUNGUS™ Natural Herbal Formula

Home Grown Ponics

Welcome to Home Grown Ponics! We specialize in:

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Home Grown Ponics natural water quality and fish food products are now available.